Saddle Fitting, Sales, Reflocking

As an independent saddle fitter it is my goal to help you find comfortable, functional and suitable saddle and tack solutions for you and your horse. I want to help you achieve your riding goals with quality service and products to aid you at your current riding level, while giving consideration to your future goals and respecting your budget decisions.

As an independent fitter, I am not limited to single brand or one size fits most saddlery.  I have access to several very useful brands of English saddles and tack. 

In partnership with our Eagle Idaho tack store, My Tack Room Consignment and the Northwest Fitters Network, I have a variety of saddles for a variety of budgets. Access to, and understanding the unique features and fits of each brand and model of saddle helps me match your horses back, body and movement to a saddle the horse will enjoy working in.

 Barn call appointments are available for SW Idaho throughout the year. I also travel to eastern Washington,  northern Idaho and western Wyoming multiple times a year. I will adjust the route to make barn calls along the way. 

My currently scheduled trips are posted in the Events section of my facebook page or use the contact for below to request info or schedule and appointment.  Saddle fitting, re-flocking, billet replacement, small repairs, saddle trials and sales.

We feature Custom Saddlery saddles, and have new and used saddles available for trial and sale, or we can custom order your dream saddle.





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